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The Reality of Paying for College Tuition

Just recently I was at a Target store and I couldn’t believe they already had back-to-school supplies set up right next to clearance patio furniture.  It is still summer and the last thing we want to think about is the upcoming school year.  However, if you are a parent of a college student like me, you know the reality of that tuition bill that will be hitting your mail or email any day now.    

The 'Money Talk'

As I was growing up on our family farm, there were plenty of conversations about how the crops were doing: Are corn prices headed higher or lower? Should we raise more pigs next year? Less? These were the common and the simpler conversations around many farm family dinner tables. I fortunately had a front row seat to see and hear my dad and grandfather talk a lot about the financial aspect of the farm, like how the crop sales were going to impact the success of the farm that year, and what we had to do differently next year to adapt to the ever-changing farm economy.  

"I was reading my local newspaper today..."

I was reading my local newspaper today. I came across an advertisement about a benefit dinner and silent auction to be held at the local VFW to raise funds for a recently widowed woman and her 3 young children.  I recall reading about her spouse getting killed in an auto accident a couple months ago.  Such sad news and now the family is having financial hardship.  Unfortunately, most of us have experienced or seen other families being devastated by a sudden loss like this one.